Emma is different than the rest of the animals at PMMC. At only a week old a group of people approached her on the beach, thinking she had been stranded. It was likely that her mother was in the water but was coming back. Due to the young age at which she was left, Emma never learned the skills needed to survive in the wild. Since she never learned how to hunt from her mother, she cannot be released back into the wild like the rest of the animals at the facility. Emma will live the rest of her life in a permanent facility and she will serve as a reminder that it is important to contact professionals rather than approach an animal you think may be abandoned. 

Name: Emma 
Species: Sea Lion

Names: Ziggy & Keegan
Species: Harbor Seal

Ziggy and Keegan, the only two harbor seals in the facility, live with Emma. Harbor seals differ from sea lions in that they can't walk on all fours, so they keep their back flippers behind them and waddle along the ground. Harbor seals are a more skittish species but these two have made a strong bond to each other. Ziggy is big enough to be released but Keegan is still recovering. Ziggy is staying at PMMC until Keegan is ready so that they can embark on the next chapter of their lives together. 

Name: Holly
Species: Sea Lion

Holly was found at age 4 in Corona Del Mar. Sea lions will often come up on the shore to rest before they head back into the water, but the rescue team could tell something was wrong with Holly because she was concerningly thin and did not show signs of heading back into the water. Holly was brought into PMMC and was able to recover fully in just six weeks thanks to high quality food and antibiotics. Holly made a swift recovery, going from 132 pounds to a healthy 213 pounds over the course of her stay at PMMC.

Name: Sabrina
Species: Sea Lion

This young sea lion pup climbed up several steps and was lying on the decking around a guard tower when found by Huntington State beach lifeguards. With ribs and backbone clearly visible, it was a telltale sign that this little sea lion was in trouble. The lifeguards called PMMC, and then secured her in a kennel until a crew arrived. Upon arrival, Sabrina was weighed in at just 28 pounds, then examined for wounds or injury, and checked in for treatment. Being so thin, she was set up for care in the ICU.  Sabrina gained one pound through tube feedings, fluids and capelin snacks during her first week at PMMC. Since then, she has steadily gained weight and strength and is recovering well. Things are looking good for Sabrina and she should be able to return to her home very soon